Sunday, September 14, 2008

Madison - our latest intake

Madison is our most recent intake (a 1 and a half year old absolutely gorgeous blue doberman). She has been cared for by a very loving family for the past year who has shared the following info:

"Madison came to us via a surrender at Companion Animal Hospital where my wife is a doctor. She came in with a broken femur, dislocated hip and a fractured jaw from a fall off a third story balcony. Several veterinarians from around town donated surgery time and supplies to mend her and we agreed to take her until she was totally healed. (physically and mentally) A year and some months later including two rounds of obedience school and lots of love she is one hundred percent better in both respects."

"She is extremely smart and listens with intent to carry out anything asked of her. She will kennel up with those words only and does it automatically if we put our coats on to leave the house or when she sees the lights going out for bedtime. She will go to either door, whichever is closest to let you know she needs to go outside. She has had only two accidents in the house, once when I turned on a new loud vacuum cleaner (she does not like vacuums) and once four months ago when we brought our newborn son home, one look at the new "puppy" and she couldn't help it."

"Madison loves to play and lets you know it every time she looks at you. She drops to her front haunches and wiggles her head waiting for the first move. I tend to throw her tennis ball(s) even in the house and if we go to the enclosed school yard I take a tennis racket to launch the balls. She is the most beautiful dog I have ever had the pleasure to watch run. Her stride no longer favors her injury and she actually leaps like a deer.

She is a great companion and is comfortable around children, adults (male and female) and dogs. Her only exposure to cats has been Claudius the Siamese half cat half jackal on the other side of the street and she pays no attention to him. She does like to bark at strangers that come to the door and in my neighborhood with all of the solicitors and politics this year it can be a little annoying. If I snap my finger and say no she stops immediately and now understands that the finger snap means there is something special to acknowledge. This has been a real glimpse of her potential and how smart she really is. We are going to miss her and whoever has the pleasure of having her in their life will be rewarded beyond words.

Love to Maddy and her next level of happiness in her knew life."

Maddy is not yet up on our website, however, will be shortly. In the meantime, if you are interested in putting in an application for Maddy email for more info.

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