Thursday, September 11, 2008

Ode - the big puppy!

Ode is a puppy Pet Haven took in who had been a victim of horrific animal abuse - her ears intentionally burned. To read her full story visit our website. She continues to do extremely well in her loving foster home, and in about a month will be ready to take in applications :) Her foster mom recently provided an update: "Ode now weighs 31 1/2 pounds! Her paws are huge and I'm sure she will be a big girl. Ode now sits, lays down, stays (mostly) and high fives.

Even though Ode is big she is definitely a puppy. She loves to play fetch, be chased, terrorize the cats and run around. Tino and chase her around the yard and house all the time. She also loves her stuffed animals. My dogs like to kill them and tear them apart but not Ode. She shakes and throws them but doesn't destroy any of her toys. Luckily she is not a digger. We just had a house full of people and it got loud and crazy at times. Ode took it all in stride and enjoyed the extra hands that were willing to pet her.

It is funny what she is afraid of. Recently at the vet, Dr. Jim had placed an iron bulldog right inside the door. Ode raised all the hair on her back and started barking. It took a lot of coaxing to get her to approach it, just like the gargoyles at the ren fest. When we got home all my dogs surrounded Ode trying to get a sniff and again she raised her hair, frightened. She was fine after a few seconds."

Ode will be a special guest at our Fall Benefit (a special thanks to our Platinum sponsors: Downtown Dogs and Chuck and Don's). Be sure to attend this fun-filled event which will feature a pet fashion show presented by Lulu & Luigi.

In honor of Ode, artist Jessie Marianiello of Stray Dog Arts is donating 20% of all commissions and a portion of card sales to Pet Haven through 12/31/08. Jessie has also donated a portrait of Ode for the silent auction of our Fall Benefit. Please consider commissioning a portrait of your own best friend, and in the process help raise money for abandoned, abused and neglected animals!


Dana Andresen said...

Thank you for the update Marilou! Thank you to Mary for all she is doing to get Ode ready for her forever home. I am honored to be a part of this sweet puppy's life. Keep us posted!
Dana Andresen
Chuck & Don's

Olive's mommy said...

ha ha my Olive doggie was afraid of that metal statue this week too! Gotta love Lake Harriet Vet!