Sunday, September 28, 2008

Sam and Gunnar - new arrivals!

On Saturday Pet Haven had the good fortune of welcoming into our foster program Sam and Gunnar. Two more beautiful dogs and lives saved. Both came to us from a shelter in Iowa where both were unfortunately scheduled to be euthanized - both for different reasons, and both reasons highlighting and magnifying the harsh reality of the thousands of dogs and cats who aren't fortunate enough to be given a second chance. I continue to be amazed at the passion and dedication of volunteers and staff of rescue and shelters across the country. The resourcefulness, the passion and their commitment to be a voice and an advocate continues to touch my heart, time and time again. A reminder to me of how each and every one of us can make a difference.

Sam (brindle) is a 1 year old, energetic boy who began some obedience training at the shelter before he was transferred to us. They said he did great and is eager to please! And Gunnar is a four year old yellow lab whom we have been told has a heart murmur. We are having him checked out at our vet. On the ride to the Twin Cities after our meeting point in Albert Lea, MN, he fell asleep on the dog bed we set up in the back... if he had it his way though i think he would've squeezed his way to the passenger seat and gently placed all 85 pounds onto the lap of my transport buddy. For everyone's safety and company we opted to let him hang out in the back. It was tough though, because that sweet face kept doling out puppy kisses, and those eyes... those soulful eyes will just melt your heart.

Sam and Gunnar will both be up for adoption in about a week or so. Be sure to check our website, or if you're really anxious and want to learn more about either Sam or Gunnar send an email to

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Shirley said...

Wow... both of them are amazing pets, I just love them.