Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Cody (fka Fred)

Here is an update on Cody (fka Fred) who came to Pet Haven this past winter from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue:

Cody has been a great boy. We are having a lot of fun with him - weare like late in life parents. He LOVES going to the dog park and running into the pond - oh my gosh - the pond!! He goes in, then lays down in the water and then just soaks it up. He is just like alittle kid running into the water - he just keeps running back andforth and in and out of the pond. He is a social butterly and seems to think that all dogs are his best friend. He has taken a pretty big liking to my raspberries. I've caught him laying in the grass next tothe bush and having himself a grand time eating them. Earlier this summer he picked my strawberries for me........

He loves the drive through bank - they give him treats; going to thevet - they give him treats; obedience class - he gets treats; playing catch and guarding our yard from squirrels.

He has been such a well behaved boy and we love him to pieces. Thankyou and Pet Haven so much!

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