Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Three-legged Louie

Louie is a 4 year old aussie/sheltie mix who came to us from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Little Lou is a tripod - missing one of his back legs. You would never know it from the way that he gets around though! Louie has been hanging out with his foster mom for a few months now, waiting for his forever home!

Louie loves to play with other dogs of all sizes and does well at the dog park. He is housebroken and is used to free roam of a room when his foster mom is gone. He does whine when she leaves, but settles down quickly (she has spied on him and checked with the neighbors as well). He doesn't chew anything in appropriate. Louie loves to ride int he car. Daily exercise is a must, but he also likes to settle down and snuggle in to watch TV at night. He knows basic commands: sit, come, stay, shake, roll over and stay. Louie does give indications that he would chase motorcycles if he could, so a fenced yard would be ideal for this pooch; however he currently lives in a townhome and does just fine on a tie out.

If Louie sounds like the dog for you, please email

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