Friday, July 24, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Harold

Poor Harold is still waiting for a permanent foster home. He's got a little bit of the grouchy old man syndrome going on and needs to be in a house with other dogs who will not be in his face. He's very sweet with people and he is fine with dogs who like to just hang out together. He's also fine with cats. He LOVES to snuggle.

Here are a few notes from one of our fabulous volunteer who has been visiting Harold in boarding:

- We spent about 1.5 hours walking and I am amazed at how calm he is in situations like walking over 35W to get from Bryant Park to Penn Lake. He is such a good walker and has such a positive energy.
- On sidewalks, areas where dogs may approach us rapidly -without warning- I use his 6 foot lead. When we are in the parks/open areas, I use the retractable. He gets such a smile on his face when he can do a slow run around on the leash, go play in the weeds, etc..

- We worked on his sit/come/down. Come is getting better every time. Every time he runs to me he now knows to sit and then gets bit of treat. We also worked on "around" for when he wraps himself around a tree :) He get the hang of this after 1 time.

- I brought a tennis ball with and he played with it quite a bit. I kept it as a novelty, we played for a minute and then I put it back in my pocket and brought it out later. He loves it if you kick it around like a soccer ball and then he runs around with it and if you ask him to bring it back to you, he does.

Because Harold doesn't like other dogs getting rowdy, he's not a candidate for hanging out at one of our doggy daycare boarding facilities (afterall, romper room is not Harold's idea of a good time).

Do you have a mellow household and room for Harold? Please email

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