Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Foster Home Needed: Lilah

Lilah is a 1.5 year old purebred Beagle. However, her temp foster reports that she is the quietest Beagle she's ever met -- not a lot of hound baying from this girl!

Lilah is well socialized and is happy to go along on any and all adventures. She's attended a rock concert, a baseball game and a 16 year old's birthday party while in Pet Haven care. She does well with kids and other dogs.

The only thing Lilah is still working on sorting out is her housetraining. As long as she is kept on a regular schedule and is given ample time outside to take care of business she is great! Lilah's been bounced around a lot in the past few months and needs a family that will commit to a few weeks of a strict housetraining schedule to get her on track.

Lilah would love to come and hang out with you. If you are interested in fostering or adopting this sweet girl, please email pethavendogs@yahoo.com

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