Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Adopted Dog Update: Ruby

Here's an update from Ruby's mom and dad:

We are the two that adopted Ruby. We decidedto keep her name "Ruby" because she responded to it so well. She has been nothing but a joy. She loves going for walks, we usually get 3 in each day. She is happy and healthy. She attended Katie K-9 Obedience School for beginners. I was told by Katie that she was the best dog in the class. She may attend Beginners II in the fall. Everybody in the neighborhood just loves her. When we go for walks there are driveways she wants to stop at to see if the "nice" people are outside. She loves pontoon rides and swimming in the lake. We have attached a few pictures ofher "hanging out". Thanks for taking such good care of Ruby while she was with you. She is laying by me on the floor right now, pretty exhausted after a day in the lake.


Hathery said...

Awww, that picture of Ruby on the jetski is adorable! Looks like she found a really good home :)

Keith said...

I am so excited that she has found a great home! I miss her so much!