Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Coco: snuggles and kisses guaranteed

Coco was abandoned at the doorstep of an apartment building. Her misfortune turned the corner when her foster found her in rough shape, sitting helplessly. Shortly after that, she came into Pet Haven's foster program. Coco's foster has the following to share:

"I have learned a few things about this lil lady over the last month. First off, she is an amazing snuggler! She is a perfect lap dog and is completely content just "hanging around". She LOVES to sunbathe outside! She doesn't play at all with toys, but does lay on her back with her paws flipping through the air when she does feel playful. She loves giving kisses too. Coco doesn't enjoy long walks, but short little ones she can tolerate. She has some separation anxiety issues and has had some accidents in her kennel, but Lynn from the Canine Coach is coming out next Saturday to address this. She doesn't mind other dogs, but doesn't enjoy being chased and jumped on by anyone bigger than her. She met a small Yorkie tonight that was smaller than her and for the first time actually wanted to play with him... I have a one year old yorkie that is extremely active- she just thinks he is crazy and stays out of his way. But when he tries to get her involved in playtime she puts him in his place. She is pretty shy at first, but I have noticed in the last week that her tail is finally coming unglued from her butt. She likes to be near me or on me. I have only heard her bark a few times, and that was either at a squirrel or when my dog starts barking at some make believe item he thinks he sees. She prefers the "expensive" food also- I feed my puppy Royal Canin and was given Natural Choice for her.... well she wants nothing to do with her food and tends to gobble up Meko's food pretty quickly (usually when Im not looking). She is missing quite a few teeth that were professionally removed before I found her. The vet says she only has about 8 left. However, she does have her back teeth so chomping on bones is not a problem for her. She really is just a perfect sweetheart and has NEVER showed any signs of aggression towards me.

She may need some work on the potty training when she finds her new home- she doesn't tell me when she has to go, I just have her on a schedule where we go out about every hour and a half. I think with some work she will be just fine though. I think her home should not have young children and she should have someone around most of the time- just because of the separation anxiety issue. Someone who doesn't mind sharing their furniture with her would be necessary."

If you are interested in learning more about Coco email pethavendogs@yahoo.com.

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