Monday, August 3, 2009

Adopted Dog Monday!

Oh wow, we have a lot to celebrate today!

Dakota, a mid-aged husky mix was adopted by her fosters. Dakota has/had some pretty serious dog-dog aggression issues and Ed and Edith have worked very hard with her over the many months. They have made tremendous progress and hope that next year Dakota will be able to handle having a foster dog in their home. Congratulations, Dakota!

Missy, a black lab mix, has been patiently waiting for her new mom to get settled in a new place so that she could finally go home. That day has come and the adoption is final. Congratulations, Missy!

Clyde was returned to PH after a short adoption last month when he did not get along with the resident dog (not Clyde's fault). He moved to a new foster home, where it just so happens that one of the neighbors had been following Clyde on Petfinder. They ran into Clyde and his fosters on a walk and the rest, as they say, is history. Congratulations, Clyde!

Decey, a hound mix, has been officially adopted by his foster-with-intent family after spending several weeks settling into his new digs. Congratulations, Decey!

Abbie, a black lab mix, had a couple of interested parties come to meet her at our adoption event on Saturday. She picked a young couple to claim as her very own and enjoyed her first adopted dog shopping trip at Petco before they headed out on Saturday. Congratulations, Abbie!

Baxter, a maltese, has had a lot of interest during his short time in foster care and this weekend he went home with a wonderful new family. Congratulations, Baxter!

Louie, a three-legged sheltie mix, was adopted this weekend. His new mom has had her eye on him for a couple of weeks. Congratulations, Louie!

Eli, a Jack Russell Terrier, has been in foster care of over a year. He's a timid guy with a multitude of behavior quirks, but his foster has stuck with him and he has made tremendous progress. Of course, after bonding with Eli and helping him to come so far there was no way that she could let him go, so Eli has been officially adopted by his foster mom. Congratulations, Eli!

Maisey, a beagle, was adopted by a PH volunteer. He was helping out at an adoption event handling a different foster dog when he fell in love with little Maisey. Her new dad works from home and she has a brother to play with. Congratulations, Maisey!

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Jen said...

This was seriously the best adoption day in months! :)