Wednesday, August 5, 2009

A Special Boy with a Special Need: Boogie

What’s not to love about Boogie? He’s about 16 pounds, just right for lap sitting and snuggling. He’s a mature 9, so there will be no folderol or fiddle-dee-dee. Just a happy, well-mannered gent who wants nothing more than a good belly rub now and then and to be with you.

Boogie is housetrained and would be perfect for apartment or condo living. He’s calm and quiet and wouldn’t mind a canine companion who was equally laid back and gentle. Sleeping near you or even on your bed would be heaven for this great little guy.

A short walk would make Boogie’s day. He can’t go terribly far as he has a heart murmur. Daily medication will help keep this lovable boy in the pink as well lots and lots of hugs, kisses and attention. Low stress living will also serve him well. So probably no kids, though we suspect cats would be just fine.

So if you’re interested in a low maintenance, huggable, snuggable canine companion, come meet Boogie. He’s waiting for a belly rub.
Boogie will not be at adoption events, so anyone interested in adopting Boogie could meet him at a home visit. If you're interested in this sweet boy, please email

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