Thursday, March 11, 2010

Super Banjo!

Saving his backyard from's a bird, it's a plane, it's Super Banjo!

Banjo was in our adoption program from July, 2008 until May, 2009, when he was adopted by Michelle and Chris.   Cute as the dickens, and a Beagle to boot, he was with us all those months because he was, well, I have to say it:  he is crabby.  Banjo had a lot of love to give, but his sometimes-aggression made him the kind of dog most people don't want to work with.  Luckily for him, Michelle and Chris were willing to put in the work necessary to help Banjo . Working with a trainer and attending obedience classes, plus a lot of love and fun, have made this a very happy placement.  Here is the update we got from Michelle:

Banjo, Chris and I are all settling in very nicely to our new house.  We put up a fence in the backyard shortly after moving in so Banjo can run around chasing squirrels and whatever else comes wandering into our yard.  He's an excellent tracker and will throw up a howl whenever he's on a good trail.  During the summer and fall, Banjo would run around in the backyard for hours and refuse to come inside - there was important work to be done!  It turns out winter is his time to relax and snuggle up under a blanket since he gets cold pretty quickly outside.  His paws seem to get cold very quickly in the snow, so I'm knitting him some booties.  We'll see if he will actually wear them! 

He's constantly making us laugh with his general craziness and goofy manner, which is where he got his nickname of Crazypants.  He love to play chase and tug of war, and goes nuts over the flashlight.  He plays so hard that it's hard to believe he close to nine years old!  

It hasn't all been laughs: we've had some aggression-related issues with Banjo, but we've gotten help from one of Banjo's former trainers and have gone through a dog aggression course.  We've definitely made good progress and continue to do so.

I am grateful Pet Haven helped us find Banjo.  I can only hope we've given him as much laughter and joy as he's given us.

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Robin said...

Thanks so much for posting this! We are so glad Banjo found a happy home. Thanks to everyone at Pet Haven for your commitment to animals.