Thursday, July 8, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Flopsy

We received an update from one of our more recent adoptive families on Flopsy who came in from People For Pets this May. Flopsy was adopted by a young family who already had a papillon named Lucy, who is very attached to the Dad. Mom and the two young daughters were excited to bring Flopsy into their family to spread the puppy love around for everyone to enjoy!
Here's an update from Sarah, Flopsy's new mom:
"Oh, she is sooooo sweet!!! We just love her. And no, Flopsy did not get a new name! Both my daughters won't let me. I don't think they understand the concept of changing a dogs name and they think I'm crazy for trying! So Flopsy it is!! She is doing really well. I'm so excited to say that she is WAY more attached to me than my husband!! She spent her first few days following me EVERYWHERE (to the point where she was exhausting me!) and trying to get out of our yard. I think she was trying to fine your husband!! We had to rig up our fence so she couldn't escape!! Now she is much more relaxed. She still follows me around a lot but after a while I will find her sleeping on the couch!! We brought her on her first boating trip last week. I was really nervous about it but she loved it! She was so good in the car and excellent on the boat. We stopped at a secluded beach and let her off her leash and she stayed right by us. We are taking her camping for the first time this coming up weekend. Wish us luck!!"
And here's a recent photo of Flopsy showing off her new summer hairstyle:
Congrats to Flopsy, Lucy, Sarah and the rest of the family!! And many, many thanks to Agnes and Chris for fostering this sweet girl!

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