Monday, July 5, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

The last two weeks have once again been good ones for our large dogs finding their forever homes. We had 3 big dogs and two puppies adopted.

First we have to give a big shout out to Pepper and his new "official" mom Leah for signing the adoption papers on Saturday. Pepper/Zipper/now Cooper has been hanging out with Leah for months now. He has been in our program for over a year. Of course Cooper felt like he was home all along. It took Leah a bit longer to commit. Have a happy life together you two!

This is Beau the beautiful coonhound with his new family. He has lots of kids to play with, a mother-in-law home all day to keep him company, and a huge backyard they all can hang out in.

Congratulations to Jackie and Jerry and son Sam for adopting out your first foster.

And a second congratulations on your next adoption Jackie of Romeo the speagle puppy to this wonderful family. Romeo is a lucky boy to have all this love and attention.

Louie, Romeo's brother, found his new home too. This family actually met Beau as a possible new dog but just were not ready to adopt yet. But they came back to Pet Haven when Louie arrived. Congrats little man. And congrats to Nicole on her first adoption.

Captain the hilarious basset is living within walking distance of his foster's home. This makes Cindy, Bobb, and Elanor very happy because they can visit Captain often. Captain was adopted into a very basset friendly home complete with a doggy ramp for when his short legs get too tired for stairs. Thanks Cindy and family for fostering so many dogs in a row.

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