Monday, July 19, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

We have had three of our dogs from People 4 Pets adopted in the last two weeks. Bob is lucky to have found a new life with a couple that have another lab mix named Al, a beautiful home near their work, and a lake home where they spend three days out of the week. Stay tuned for updates on Bob's swimming and dock jumping abilities. Congrats to Merry, Aaron and Ian on your 4th adoption.

Buster was the last of the three springer/beagle puppies to find a new family. He is living with homeschooled children from 3 to college age. He will be part of the curriculum this summer including dog training classes. The kids were so excited to take Buster home.

Thanks Mike for fostering Buster. And for spending so much time with his new family giving them training tips.

Frankie a spaniel/lab mix found his forever home with an active family full of teenagers. He is another one of the family members going along to soccer games, picnics, and trips to the dog park. Thanks again Mike for taking Frankie into your home. And congrats on two successful adoptions.

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