Monday, August 9, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday: Teddy

This is Teddy.

And with a face like Teddy's (and the loving personality to go along with it), we knew Teddy wouldn't be with Pet Haven long before he found his forever family. Agnes, one of our amazing fosters/volunteers in the Small Dog Division, took in Teddy as a foster dog a few weeks ago. Agnes and her husband headed out of town for a weekend and asked another volunteer foster, Krista, to watch Teddy. It didn't take too long for Krista to decide that Teddy was, in fact, going to be a permanent part of her family.

Here's Teddy with new mom Krista, Mittens the Siamese ragdoll cat, Jazzmin the 6lb yorkie and 12-year old human sister Jedah.

According to Krista, Teddy's been having a blast playing with the neighbor dogs and running around the local dog park. Krista's also a proud member of the Pet Haven Foster Failure club!!

Thank you Agnes and Krista for all you do for Pet Haven!

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