Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cheers for the Poms!!

We are just loving the Pomeranians lately....and not just because they are cute and cuddly and oh so sweet...and did I mention they were cute? We've had four Poms come in this year so far and each one of them stirs up all kind of interest and activity on our website and at adoption events.

Remember Ollie? Ollie was the first Pom of the year to come in from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue and was adopted out to a wonderful lady, Paula, within a month or so of arriving in the Twin Cities.

Well Ollie, now Olivia, made an appearance at the 7/31 Adoption event as she was going in for her day of pampering at the PetCo Salon. Paula was very grateful to Pet Haven and couldn't stop gushing over her sweet little Olivia. We interrupted her spa treatments to snap a few photos of the lovely girl.
Congrats to Paula and Olivia...we hope to see you around other events in the future!

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