Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Gracie Happy Tail

Gracie, a basset from People 4 Pets, is living the good life as a member of the 'horsey' set along with her basset sister Bea. That is Gracie on the right. Here is what their mom had to say:

"Big horse show in Iowa. We rented an RV. Gracie was a bit apprehensive at first. I think most of her road trips have ended with her getting dropped off in another place. Once we got there and she began to realize she wasn't about to be abandoned, her whole demeanor changed. Iowa is a big equestrian center, so we not only had the horses in the barn, but were surrounded by grazing horses. She was alert and curious but not at all bothered by these "strange creatures." Her big test was being in a crowded arena with lots of people and other dogs. Above is a picture of my daugter and I with the dogs. This picture was taken right after we came out of the show ring."

"Gracie is a happy girl. No worries, she is loved. She no longer runs from the vacuum cleaner. She does observe it from a safe distance but doesn't hide in another room. All in all, life is pretty good. I figure she spent 2 years being abused, she just needs some time and reassurance. She's snoring in her favorite chair as I write this." That is Gracie in the chair that used to be Bea's chair. Guess big sister has learned to share.

Happy girls, happy tails, happy life! Off into the sunset they go. The end.

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