Monday, January 3, 2011

Russ applies to be the doorman

Russ is a very outgoing fellow - he likes everyone he meets, loves to greet visitors to our adoption events and to his foster home.

He's gotten very attached to his foster dad - they love to sit on the deck together and watch the world go by (in more moderate weather, of course!).

Russell has a bit of arthritis in his back which means he doesn't like to be picked up but that is about all he doesn't like. Perhaps because of that he doesn't get up on the couch either - do you have a set of doggie stairs? He might be willing to come to your house to see how to use them and see if there is a spot next to you on the couch.

Russ gets along with another dog although he'd love to be the center of your world. He plays with the bigger poodle in his foster home - he may be small but he can take that guy on.

He's crate trained and can be trusted out in the house while you are gone. His yard at the foster home is fenced and he enjoys running along the side with the dog next door but much prefers to be near you and have you talking to him and keeping him company. Like to do some gardening and need a companion?

Need a doorman at your house? Someone to welcome visitors? He might even be talked into wearing a bow tie so he'd really fit the picture!

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