Monday, May 2, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday: Millie

Millie is a shy young Poodle girl who was rescued from yet another terrible hoarding situation. She was a petite little thing and very much a puppy when she came to Pet Haven. Her foster, Sandy, fell in love with her instantly and knew that Millie was only going to go to the most special of homes....Millie needed a family that would be extra patient with her while she lived out that young puppy stage (potty training, teething, obedience, etc) and also while she learned how to be a family pet. Millie likely got very little attention before coming to Pet Haven and needed to learn how to be loved and cared for.

Sandy was right -after a few short months, the perfect family came along for Millie. It was love at first sight!

Here's an update from Millie's new family:

"Mille has fit into our little family very well and we all love her so much. I try and get her out for a walk everyday and though it was hard to just get around the block with her, we are now able to walk over a mile together. She gets braver and braver every time we go out...

When I pick my daughter up from school, Millie's fan club comes and gather around Millie wanting to pet her; this freaks her out a little but she is doing so much better and as long as mom is wiht her she knows she is all right.

During the day, Millie likes to follow me around the house as I do my daily chores and when she gets bored, she plops herself on our bed by the window and looks out to make sure there are not rabbits, birds, or squirrels upsetting our yard. She also likes to think she is protecting us from the two huge black labs across the alley and growls at them showing them who is boss.

She loves to be outside and though it hasn't been easy her these past few days with all the rain and wind, she loves to be out looking around.

We are very careful to keep an eye on her and bring her everywhere; we worry sometimes that someone might take her she is so cute and such a GOOD dog."

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