Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Mario - sunshine stroll thanks to Lulu & Luigi!

Mario was adopted as a puppy from Pet Haven and lived a happy life for 12 years. Then, his life was turned upside down when his human mom passed away and Mario went to live with a family member. When the family member lost their home, Mario was once again uprooted and moved to a friend’s home as a foster. Unfortunately, that situation was not a good one for Mario and Pet Haven stepped in to provide him a new foster home and prepare him for a new family. Sadly, during this transition, it was discovered that Mario has a liver tumor and severe arthritis. These conditions prevent him from being a candidate for adoption.

Since just before Thanksgiving of last year, Mario has been considered in “hospice care” with his Pet Haven foster family. While his physical limitations keep him from getting around too well, he is in great spirits and does as much as his body will allow. Some days are better than others for Mario. He is no longer able to stand if he is lying on a hard surface, or go up steps. He is trying to learn not to shake his body because his legs won’t support his weight and he falls down. But he never whimpers and he never cries. And the greatest gift of all, Liz from Lulu and Luigi’s has provided a stroller, and he is now able to go on walks with his foster human and canine family. He looks so happy when he is in that stroller, enjoying the fresh air and seeing the world.
Mario is another example of “once a Pet Haven dog, always a Pet Haven dog.” Mario will spend the rest of his days as part of his new family, provided with the love and comfort he deserves.
To read more about Mario check out an earlier blog posting.
Thank you Sharon and Barb for fostering Mario, and for providing him with such a loving home to spend the rest of his days. And thank you Lulu & Luigi for providing a doggie stroller so that Mario can go out on walks with his foster family and his 2 foster siblings!

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