Monday, May 9, 2011

Red Lake Rosie's Adopted Dog Monday

Duchess is a terrier mix from Red Lake. She was adopted by a former adopter of another Red Lake Rosie's Rescue dog, Bart the Dumpster dog. He has his own blog and has featured his "bratty" new sister a couple of times. Here is a link to one of his posts about Duchess.

Here is what mom has to say:
"Duchess is doing well...she's a leaper. From a sitting position she leaped over our 5 foot fence to meet the neighbor's doberman yesterday. So that's some new information it was like a kangaroo, unbelievable.

You were right she really is the perfect dog...totally housebroken (except for one introductory poop) energetic but not nervous, loves all people, dogs and kids and not mouthy at all, takes treats nicely, etc. She's so ready made for a family that's looking for a dog to love and to be the center of attention." Can you find the Duchess girl in the photo? Looks like she blends right in.

Apple is a gorgeous aussie mix from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She was with her fosters for only a couple of weeks when the family decided she was already home and adopted her.

Here is what her mom has to say:
"Allie (formerly Apple) is doing just great! She did just fine while we were on vacation - actually I hear she had so much fun playing with all the dogs at daycare, and Allie and Sadie each slept with a family member. Now Allie is sleeping with Amy in her bed - Sadie snores so Amy doesn't allow her in bed with her!

I took Allie to an off-leash dog park, and she just loved it. She never wandered too far from me, but when she did it wasn't for long. What a great dog! At home she is always by my side, and comes when we call her if she's outside. We are all enjoying her so much!"


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