Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day to all doggie dads!

Captain, a handsome basset, would like to wish all doggie dads a very Happy Father's Day. He and Bob (a black lab retriever mix) got to hang out at the Pet Haven medium/large dog adoption event yesterday.  A couple of their doggie buddies (Zeke and Julius) were lucky enough to find a family interested in adopting them and have home visits scheduled today. And Pet Haven's small dog adoption event was apparently hopping with lots of applications coming in for Chucky, Flopsy and Radar! Stay tuned for more info!

Captain and Bob are just two of Pet Haven's many adoptable dogs ---- they love their foster homes and yes, they are getting pampered like crazy, BUT ... they would love to have their own forever family.

Today, though ... both these handsome boys wanted to let Pet Haven supporters know that they are aware it is Father's Day. They were busy surfing the internet this morning and found this cute video that they wanted to share with you ....

Happy Father's Day to all Dog Loving Daddies!!!

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