Monday, June 28, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday

Adoption update from the small dog division!
We at Pet Haven have been busy, busy, busy! In addition to continuing to strengthen our community outreach and relationships by participating in local events like Pride Fest, we've been adopting out dogs just as quickly as they've been coming in! As a volunteer, this is just about the best part of working with Pet Haven....seeing these once hopeless animals go on to loving homes in the Twin Cities.

Within the past week, Radar and Flopsy, papillons from People For Pets in Spencer, Iowa found new homes. These two were previously used as breeder dogs so getting used to family life has been a new process for them.

Shown above is Radar with his new family,Dad - Jamie, Sister - Kate, Mom - Kim, and brothers Fred (smaller Eskimo) and Juneau (bigger Eskimo). Here's an update from Jamie, Radar's new Dad. "Please be assured how dedicated we will be to making Radar one of the family. Equal to and with our other two. We will be patient, astute, loving, affectionate and determined to making him safe, happy and confident in our home."

And we can't forget about Chucky who had a line out the door at the last adoption event at Calhoun Chuck & Don's. Chucky is going to his forever home tonight so I'm sure we'll have an update on him soon!

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