Monday, June 21, 2010

Red Lake Adopted Dog Monday

Wow this is the best week ever for the Red Lake dogs in our foster program. We had five of them adopted in just over 8 days. Our boy Julius saved from the woods by Karen of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue-as were all of the dogs listed here-found his forever home on Father's Day. Julius is living out in Lake Elmo in a cabin like environment which certainly suits a dog from the country. He got along with the cat right away. And lucky for Julius his auntie is Danielle a trainer from Canine Coach. So if he has any questions about training his new parents he knows who to call.

Hunter now Mick has a cushy life in Apple Valley. He has a work from home mom, lots of woods to explore, and a deck just for lounging on a Sunday morning. This dog came in to Karen's with a tongue that had been badly burned. He is still learning how to use it again. Here is what the new mom had to say, " We left him home alone for a couple of hours last night and he was fine. Before we left we wondered if we should close the door to the laundry room where we keep all our shoes. Paul said "No they are mostly your shoes he can chew those if he wants". Arriving home there was one shoe in the center of the living room (undamaged) and it was a great big ol' mens tennis shoe. HA Good Boy Mick!"

Copper now Duncan lives with a Golden named Cooper-hence the name change. He has kept his new parents busy trying to figure out how to keep him from climbing the fence. Duncan seems to think the grass is greener, the people are more friendly, and the squirrels much more interesting on the other side. Sometimes the rez dogs take a bit to settle into city life. Stay tuned for photos of Duncan's new hairdo. The groomer worked on his coat for over two hours.

Zeke our little terrier mix went to live with a family that had adopted a Pet Haven dog in the past. The parents are retired so Zeke will not be home alone for long. And the 16 year old son has lots of sports events to attend with his new dog. Zeke has come a long way from living alone behind a gas station.

Shiloh found her new home with a friend of her fosters. He owns a natural pet food store and takes the dogs with him to work everyday. He has another rescue dog that is a bit shy too just like Shiloh-or Shy-bun bun as her fosters called her. Congratulations to all these poochies and their new families! Thank you for considering rescue dogs.

And a big shout out thank you to Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue for all she does for the homeless dogs and cats on the Red Lake reservation.

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