Thursday, June 10, 2010

Transport from Red Lake Rosie's

Pet Haven's newest dogs arrived over the weekend from Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. Thanks to Carla and Shawn for transporting the four dogs safely. Zeke, white American Eskimo/terrier mix and Hunter, chocolate lab mix were more than happy to stretch their legs after the 5 hour drive.

Leslie and Carla walked the two little ones, Harvey, black and white Shitzu and Chucky, buff Sitzu after their long ride south. They both came into Red Lake Rosie's with very matted coats and were professionally trimmed down before leaving. Once their coats grow back they are going to be gorgeous.

Here is Chucky all reloaded up for the next leg on his journey to his new foster home. He even found a squeaky toy to play with and seemed ready for whatever was next.

Since arriving Zeke has been touring the city with Lindsey going to BBQs and kickball games. He was even the mascot at the last game. Still a bit timid Zeke is learning how much fun his life can be. He has come a long way from living alone behind a gas station.

Hunter, a 10 month old chocolate lab mix, is staying at Rescue Buddy Boarding. He is such a calm boy for his age and breed. He is housetrained and crate trained. A family that would include Hunter in all their activities would be great. Because of his young age he would do best if there was someone home part of the day. Thank you to everyone involved with Red Lake Rosie's for all you do for the homeless dogs and cats.

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