Friday, March 25, 2011

Charlie - a bundle of fun

Charlie is a yorki - with long legs! He weighs 11# and is a loving and good natured fellow. His foster family has a fenced yard and Charlie loves that too - summer or winter - spring or fall -


Can I go outside?

Do I have to put my coat on?


Charlie (the blur) and Russ playing in the snow.

Charlie's former family was busy and he lived in a town house. Hours spent in the kennel were long and he had to go outside to relieve himself on a leash and there was little time to play outside. Sometimes he wasn't completely done and he would go again on the rug inside. Their lives became busier and Charlie really wanted more attention and more time to play and more time for outside play.

In his foster home one person is retired and the other not working at the moment. Charlie gets to go outside to relieve himself and play when he wants to and on a three hour schedule.

No accidents in the house. He is used to a kennel and does not soil it but what he really loves is to have time outside to run and chase and explore and love his people.

Charlie enjoys other dogs - small? large? anything in between too.

He's very people friendly too and good with children.

What else would Charlie tell you about himself?

He'd like to be treated like a 'big' dog so he has time with you to be the playful boy he really is.

Some small dogs like to be babied and kept warm and cozy - Charlie says he likes to snuggle but he really likes to be like one of the big dogs too.

What else does Charlie want in a home?

Someone who will love him!

Someone who will play with him and get him outside to play and explore!

Lap time too!

Someone who has time for him, to go for walks around the lake!

Someone who can help him run off energy outside and keep extending the periods of time in between play sessions so he will finish his 'job' when he goes outside.

Interested in Charlie (or Russ) or another of Pet Haven's dogs? Here is a link to the online dog adoption application.

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