Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Molly - in memory

Molly died on May 23, 2010. She was a typical rambunctious, mischievous (in fact that was her nickname for awhile!) young gal. Pet Haven foster homes were struggling to provide care for her as none had had her breed experience and energy level before.

Her family reports the following:

It is with deep sadness that we must let our Pet Haven friends know of the passing of our darling Molly.

She showed up on what was supposed to be a short term foster care assignment; one look at her and I knew she would stay in our home and our hearts forever. She had a rough start in life and her nickname of "Mischievous" was well deserved. Nevertheless, she soon assumed her place with the other two Dalmatians we had at the time; we still cannot believe that our bed was large enough to hold 2 people and 3 dogs - we have pictures to prove it!

As is so common with dalmations, Molly eventually succumbed to kidney failure. We are so blessed to have had this beautiful girl with the perfect markings in our life for over 11 years.
We will miss her terribly. Thank you, Pet Haven for the chance to know and love this extraordinary dog.

Stever Bergesen and Sue Seeker

On a personal note - When I was going through thyroid cancer in 2007, if it had not been for Molly, my recovery would have been a lot harder - She made me want want to get out of bed. I will always be grateful to her.

When this blog writer had to euthanize our first dog, one of our vets said to me, "The hardest part of loving and having a pet is that you will have to part with it at sometime. The memories that you carry forever are one of the rewards of having a pet."

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