Friday, March 11, 2011

Do you have room for Creek?

Creek sure is one handsome gentleman! Of course, we have no idea what breeds he may be made of up of – guesses have ranged from dalmatian, to hound, to boxer, to pointer. He may just be a true Heinz 57! Creek came to us from Rosie’s Red Lake Rescue where he was brought in by a Good Samaritan who found him injured and hungry.

Creek’s injury is now completely healed and he is a very happy dog! His tail is constantly wagging and he is so goofy that he makes us laugh every day. One of Creek’s most endearing quirks is his habit of “talking” when he wants to play or go outside. He is generally a quiet dog, but when he wants something, he lets you know! Given that Creek is still a bit of a puppy (he is about 1 ½ years old), he wants to play a lot! He loves toys that make him work for his food and any toy that he can take in his mouth and swing around. He also likes regular walks around the neighborhood, although he prefers you keep them short in the winter – he doesn’t like the snow!

Creek is a very smart dog and quick learner. When he came to live with us, he didn’t even know “sit.” He can now sit and stay and has been doing great with boundary training – he will even stay out of the kitchen while you are preparing food. Although his hilarious deep sigh of resignation will you know that he is not happy about it! Creek also just graduated with flying colors from an obedience class at the Canine Coach that helped him become better socialized with other dogs.

At home, Creek is a perfect gentleman and will make a wonderful addition to someone’s family! He is completely crate trained and house broken and is used to being left at home during the work day. Creek would prefer to be an only dog – although he made a lot of progress in his dog socialization class, he would be happiest on his own. Consider making Creek a part of your family – we promise he will keep you laughing! For more info on adopting Creek click here for his bio.

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