Monday, March 7, 2011

Adopted Dog Monday

Joe now Jo-Jo was adopted by his foster mom. Here is what she has to say about this gorgeous boy:

"Jo-Jo is quite the character. When I began fostering him, he literally was by my side at every moment-no matter what. I have now had him a little over 4 months and he is still as faithful today as when I first received him. Jo-Jo loves going to the dog park, going on long hikes in the woods or a simple walk in the neighborhood. His favorite hobby is fitting as many tennis balls in his mouth as he possibly can-he is up to 3. He makes friends wherever he goes and everybody loves him to pieces. He is and always will be a lap dog, but I don't mind it a bit :)

Jo-Jo also has a big sister named Chanc. They hit it off right away! They love getting in trouble by persuading one another to do something they know they aren't supposed to do, but they are also such a pair and love each other A LOT!!!
The second day I had Jo-Jo I had a feeling I would adopt him and now Jo-Jo is an excellent addition to the family, it's like he was always meant to be here.

Jo-Jo will begin training this summer to become a registered therapy dog, just like his sister. I'm excited to see how this little guy changes peoples lives through is big brown eyes and his love for all. Lastly, since Jo-Jo's age wasn't known he was given his 2 year old birthday party on February 4th." Happy Birthday lucky boy!

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