Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Adopted Dog Update: Ahnung visits Red Lake Rosie's

Ahnung staying cool under
Karen's truck
Ahnung (pronounced ah-NUNG and means star in ojibway) was originally rescued (in October 2008) by Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's Rescue up in northern Minnesota in the Red Lake reservation. She had been abandoned with her litter of 8 puppies ... a pellet remains in one of her nipples from a gun shot wound, heart worm disease, lymes, coccidia and no front teeth (from grounding her teeth down to her gum in search of food). In November 2008 she came in Pet Haven's foster program and was treated for her heart worm. I had the honor of fostering Ahnung in December and we went back up that winter to visit Karen and help out around the shelter. In January, 2009 I adopted Ahnung. When I first met Ahnung in mid-October, she looked beaten and battered ... Karen looked at me and told me  'There is something very special about her." She was right. More than anything I believe that any dog or cat blessed enough to be in the loving, healing presence of Karen up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue is forever changed ... Ahnung is just one of hundred of dogs and cats who carry Karen's amazing energy and spirit with them. Ahnung is now a therapy dog and has her own blog. She even has her own facebook fan page.

Over the holiday weekend Ahnung had the opportunity to visit Karen up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. She immediately jumped right back into being a rez dog and fitting in with the pack. I continue to be amazed at the work that Karen does up at Red Lake Rosie's. We transported Stuart Little and 2 cats (Sharmaine and Sunshine) back with us to come into Pet Haven's foster program.

Many thanks to all of you who continue to support the work of animal rescues and shelters.

Marilou Chanrasmi
Dog Division Co-Director

Ahnung in October 2008

Stuart Little - Pet Haven's
most recent intake from RLRR

And I made a video from the photos I took up at Red Lake Rosie's Rescue so you can catch a glimpse into the incredible work of Karen Good of Red Lake Rosie's:

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