Friday, July 22, 2011

Meet Russell ... Mr. Personality!!

Russell is 10 years young. He wants you to know that he still has many years left in him and he hopes that some very special person will consider opening up their heart and home to this handsome boy ... he has been in Pet Haven's foster program now for a little over two years. Please help us get the word out about Russell!

Mr. Personality loves his people! Russell is a Lhasa Apso/Dandi Dinmont Terrier Mix. He loves all people he meets and dogs too! He likes to spend his time outside or just hanging out with his people. Russell would be great for an older person or a family that isn’t looking for a pup with boundless energy. He’s content just laying next to his family on the porch and a scratch behind the ear. He is crazy for car rides and will wait quietly in the car for his foster Mom to come out of the store. Russell loves all people he meets and has had a lot of contact with other dogs.
Russell with foster mom Sandy!

He also fancies himself as a protector, according to his foster Mom Sandy: “Russell likes to "scout" the yard, making sure no unwanted dogs or cats are near. He would spend the whole day outside if he could. We have a couple of neighbors who have big dogs (Vizsla & a Golden). He loves to run (I say that with a smirk, he can't run for very long!) nonetheless he thinks he's running the fence with them, tail wagging all the way.”

He also enjoys walks but does like to come across as a tough guy to bigger dogs when they first meet. Russell may be a little guy but he doesn’t want to be treated like one! He isn’t thrilled with being picked up but would prefer to lay next to you instead. He knows a trick or two and is very proud when he completes them. This pup is completely crate trained and can be trusted on his own at home. His new forever family will be lucky to have this easy going guy!

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