Thursday, July 7, 2011

Charlie is Adopted!

Charlie the yorkie was adopted last week to a couple who previously had a yorkie, Scruffy, who obviously lived quite the luxurious, pampered life. Although Charlie knows he can never replace Scruffy he certainly would like to give it a try!!

We got an update from Charlie's new family a few days after the adoption:

"Well, after only four days, Charlie has taken over the house.  In true Yorkshire fashion, his confident, cocky little personality has captured our hearts.  Yes, he has given us permission to stay in his new home!

Charlie exhibited many of the same traits and habits our former Scruffy Yorkshire had.  He's assumed the very same corner of our bed, follows the lady of the house everywhere, growls and emits low barks at anyone remotely passing the house - very protective already.  He is bringing new toys to our feet already and wants, no demands our attention every chance he gets.

He loves his walks, remembers his tricks and is very obedient.  On the second day, he let us know he likes back rubs, shoulder massages and tummy scratches. 

We've tricked him with his picky food temperment by keeping the same diet as he had but mixing in some Caesar soft food - very tasty Lamb and Turkey are now his favorites with his sweet potato kibbles.
Charlie sleeping on his new deck!

All I hear in the house now is my wife constantly talking to Charlie as if her little baby.  Great stuff.....  Of course as Charlie's new Alpha, I can't show that emotion - Ha!

I can't say enough about Sandy Thomson.  Her love for Charlie as a foster mom keeps the love going.  "Charlie loves to get love and he loves to give love."

Great job all around......

Thank you, thank you, Pet Haven.

Bruce and Sandy R."

Thank you Bruce and Sandy for providing Charlie with such a loving home!

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