Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Tug ... One Happy Beagle!!

This boy Tug has a lot to be happy about! He’s eight years old and living life to the fullest. You wouldn’t know it by looking at him but this lovable pup isn’t your average Beagle. His foster Mom describes Tug as a, “Labrador Retriever in a Beagle suit.” He is crazy about playing fetch!

His other favorite activities include snuggling up with his people, mealtime, and taking naps in the sun. He also loves to do tricks but rolling over is his favorite; anything for a treat!

Tug is completely potty trained and can be left to watch the house while you’re gone. Just don’t expect him to stay awake the whole time. He also does his part to help the neighborhood watch by keeping an eye on other dogs from the window. He would be great for a home with someone around often or even retirees. As much as he loves his playtime outdoors, he is tuckered out afterwards! 

Perfect for a family that wants a playful dog without that new puppy energy. He has done great being around many dogs since his foster Mom runs a boarding facility. He is ok with pets of the feline variety as long as they don’t run; otherwise he may bark at them.

Tug is quite the charmer and is well known for walking the runway in Pet Haven’s 2010 Fall Benefit with the Vikings Cheerleaders. They quickly fell in love with him just like everyone else he meets. After all, who wouldn’t love that smiling face? Help us get the word out about this great guy. Tug’s forever home will be a happy one for sure!

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