Monday, April 21, 2008

Oliver, Charlie and Dodger - pup update!

An update from Mary who is fostering 3 of the 5 pups: "Oliver (red bandana) may be the smallest but he is the bravest of the bunch. He wanders through the gardens exploring, approaches the other dogs and even gets nose to nose with our cat Taz. He likes being on the couch and cries very loud if you don't let him up.
Dodger (green/purple collar) likes to play with his brothers and cries to be held. He liked the garden and the long naps in the sunshine. Tug of war is becoming a favorite game. Charlie (blue bandana) is more of the bully in the bunch. He bites his brothers and jumps on them when they are sleeping. He is the biggest and eats the fastest. He is also the most timid in new situations. He cried in the backyard wanting to be picked up. We had to encourage him to play. Once he was comfortable he was off playing in the leaves and getting into things."

A precious moment of Oliver napping next to Roxy, resident dog at Mary's home.

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