Sunday, April 27, 2008

Charlie, Dodger, Oliver - new photos!

Here are updated photos from the pup's foster mom: pups playing tug of war with Phoebe..."Phoebe was terrified of the puppies when they got here. I was worried she would never warm up to them. You should see them now. Phoebe loves to play with them. This morning all three puppies attacked Phoebe jumping, chewing her tail and climbing all over her. Phoebe just lay on her back and let them. The four of them played tug of war with a stuffed bear and Phoebe dragged all three puppies across the yard. It was very funny to watch. If any of the puppies cry, Phoebe runs right over to see if they are ok. I think she is really going to miss them when they are gone." Other photos are of Oliver in the garden, Charlie in the sandbox, Dodger climbing the hill, and Oliver rock climbing!

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