Thursday, April 24, 2008

Benne adjusting well in his foster home

Here's an update from Trish, Benne's foster: "He's doing great! His potty skills are wonderful. Benne sleeps through the night with out having to go out or accidents in his kennel. He's very respectful towards our cats,even when the two younger ones swat him on his behind as he walks by. He's picking up on "no" "down" and "sit" really well.
He's still in the puppy biting stage,so we are teaching him not to bite. Today Benne
went for his first official long walk on the leash. He did pretty good,considering he hasn't had much leash work or really wearing collars. We are teaching him to sit at each corner of the block before crossing to the next one. Sometimes he even listened better then Clara (Trish's dog - in photo with pink collar seen nose to nose with Benne). He met both of our neighbors on either side of us and was happy with that because they have children living in each family. Benne LOVES food. He eats a little too fast, so I'll be placing a kong in his dish like I did with Clara to slow his
eating down. He enjoys playing with the Jolly ball with the handle and
nylabones, also a big stuffed hedgehog. He hasn't destroyed any stuffed
toys. YAY!!! Clara can destroy those undestructible stuffed toys with
scissor precision shredding skills under 2 minutes. So I am very impressed!!"
Thanks Trish for fostering this sweet boy!

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