Thursday, April 17, 2008

Fosters needed for Rocky and Lacy

We would like to bring in 2 dogs from up north. Rocky is a one and a half year old yellow lab who spent 2 months in the reservation pound and was going to be put down. Besides needing some work on leash skills he is a loveable dog!

Lacy is a sweet border collie mix puppy. She's laid back and loving and needs to be moved into a foster home. Please email if you would consider opening up your heart and home to these 2 homeless pups!


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Lucy said...

Rocky and Lacy look so sweet. I'm really glad you're taking care of them.

Pet Haven of Minnesota said...

Thank you for posting comments and for your support. As volunteers our reward are the dog kisses (and oftentimes there's a lot more than that!) and knowing we have made a difference, if only for that one dog. It takes a community and a village of people to save just one pup. The support (in whatever way you are able) is the fuel that keeps us going. Thank you.