Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dodger, Charlie and Oliver - A pile of pups!

Here is the latest of 3 of the 5 pups being fostered in Mary's home: "We tried everything to get the puppies to stop making such a mess eating their meals. Small bowls got tipped over. Large bowls got stepped in and knocked over. A large piece of newspaper didn't work since the puppies attack the food and send it flying (much to the delight of our other dogs and cats). Tino came up with the final solution. The biggest dog bowl ever and we just put them all in it. Check out the photos.

Oliver has figured out how to get on the couch by himself. He can also climb out of their puppy crib. It is a large wire indoor dog kennel that we left the top off. Oliver climbs the wires with is paws to get out. He is quite the adventurer always exploring.

Charlie's favorite thing is the sandbox. He climbs in and digs and digs. Not only is this fun for him and entertaining for us, it also keeps him from digging in my garden. I would suggest to his future family to get him his own sandbox to play in."

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