Thursday, April 24, 2008

Dodger the dumpster truck boy

I guess since he was dumped by a dumpster, he feels at home sleeping in a dumpster truck. Here's the latest update from foster mom: "Dodger found he likes to sleep in the plastic dump truck we have for our grandson. No, we didn't put him in it; he figured it out all on his own. Dodger learned a hard lesson a couple of days ago. Roxy, our nine year old Shepard mix has been very tolerant and patient but she finally reached her limit. Dodger decided to climb all over Roxy's face while she was napping. Several growls didn't deter him. As our daughter Danielle reached to get Dodger away, Roxy nipped him. He cried and carried on for quite a while making us believe he was seriously hurt. Turned out it was mostly noise that did a good job of making us feel really sorry for him. Dodger is a bit more respectful of Roxy's face now. I can't say the same for her tail."

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Jess said...

Aww so adorable! It sounds like he truly is a Dodger Jr!!