Monday, January 18, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Three Pet Haven dogs found their forever homes this past week.

Paden, the active Boxer mix, went home with a newly retired couple.  Here's an update from Paden's foster mom; Her new parents have lots of time and love to give her. They have a huge fenced-in back yard and go for daily walks-when the temps are above zero. As I left, Paden was chasing a very surprised bunny all over the yard. Photo is of Paden making herself at home on her new family's couch.  We loved having Paden as a foster. She is a gorgeous dog that had such a loving spirit. 

Here's another photo of Paden disguised as a bumblebee:

Wayne's new mom previously adopted from Pet Haven -- an elderly biting poodle called Blackie.    She currently has a young Pit mix, Joey, who is dealing with some fear issues.  Wayne's calm and happy demeanor should help Joey learn that people are okay.

The big Hooray! you heard was us cheering when Harold was adopted by his foster mom.  Harold had a rough time when he came to us. An older Lab, he did not enjoy the company of other dogs and let them know by snapping at them.  When he stayed at one of our boarding partners, he had to spend a lot of time alone because daycares are all about the pack.  He was in a couple of foster homes that didn't work out -- not his fault -- and finally he got into the home that would become his permanent home.  Congratulations, Harold!  There truly is a home for every dog.

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