Thursday, January 28, 2010

"Please don't give me as a gift"

Luna would like to explain to everyone why giving a puppy (or a kitten) is a bad idea.  She knows it's a bad thing, because she was once given as a gift.

"I was a cute little fluffball, the kind that no one can resist.  I lived with my mom and brothers and sisters in someone's house for a while and then one day some kids came by and picked me out. I thought I would have a good time with them because they passed me around and hugged me and told me how cute I was.

They took me to their friend's house.  The girl was so happy to see me and she ran over to the boy who was carrying me, took me from his arms and kissed me.  "Happy Birthday!" they shouted.

"I can't believe I have a puppy", she said.

The first few days, no one in the household could get enough of me.  I was out of my kennel whenever they were home and they laughed at me scrambling around on my wobbly puppy legs and said "awwww" a lot when I would find a toy and bring it to them to play.  They liked to give me treats and pick me up and play gently with my big ears.

But that didn't last long.  Pretty soon, the family got used to me and they went back to their regular lives. When they were home, they were doing homework, or watching TV, or sleeping. They weren't all that interested in me.  I was still cute, but I had grown and my antics were a perhaps alarming to them now that I weighed more than 30 pounds.  

I tried really hard to be a good girl so they would play with me again.  I was house-trained at an early age,  I don't bark (not much), I love everyone, but I guess it just wasn't enough.  They really didn't want me.

One day, they decided I should live somewhere else, so they took me to a shelter that would help find me another home.  I wasn't there very long at all until a lady came and took me home with her.  She had other dogs like me and I was allowed to play with them.    I got to show off what I good girl I am and that really paid off, because my next move was to my forever home.

I am so excited about my life now, because these days I only have to go in my kennel at night. I have a German Shepherd sister who even though she is kinda old (6) can keep up with me in play.   We have a big yard with a fence and lots of bushes and things to play around.  Fortunately, my mom is not that fussy about her plants!  She takes me all kinds of places and is proud when people comment on what a beautiful and well-behaved puppy I am.

So, you can tell it has all ended up happily for me, but I know that it does not work so well for every dog and cat who is given as a gift.

Please remember that we are living creatures and we need care and love.  The person you give us to might not really want a puppy or a kitten.   They might not know how to care for us.  If you want to give an animal as a gift, go to a toy store and buy a stuffed one!

Editor's note:  Most rescues, Pet Haven included, will not adopt animals out as gifts.

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