Monday, January 11, 2010

Lovable Luna

Looks to me like Luna has made herself comfortable in her foster home.    At just six months old, Luna (the darker dog) is fully housebroken, respectful of the resident dogs and cats and a star in her obedience class. She's already mastered sit, and is especially good at it when a treat is offered as a reward. She learned to 'heel' in an icy parking lot on Sunday.  Fortunately, she is a quick learner or her foster mom would not have lasted for long.

One day last week, Luna's foster mom heard a lot of clanging and banging in the office, where the cats have a privacy gate so they can eat in peace.  The gate has a little door in it so they can come and go as they please.   A lot of noise, the sound of small metal bowls being pushed around and into each other.  The cats might tip a bowl over, but they never play games with them.  Foster mom always fastens the gate carefully, but she ran back to make sure she hadn't slipped up.

She hadn't.  Miss Luna had squeezed herself through the cat door, an 8" x 12" space.  No real harm done, but Luna found that she was getting more of her own dinner after that "to help you grow", said her foster mom.

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