Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Eddi the JRT: An Update

Eddie is a cute Jack Russell Terrier (aren't they all?). He was a little "owner surrender" in March of 2008.  Being a JRT, I'm guessing that his breed-driven high energy level made him a little much for whomever had him before. 

When Eddie came to us, he was a very shy dog.  He would not look his foster parents, Leslie and Danny, in the eye but would hold his head down in a pose of submission.  They enrolled him in obedience training.  After the third class, Eddie had gained enough confidence to look Leslie in the eyes.  It's so rewarding for a foster parent to gain an animal's trust after working so hard for it.

They had Eddie for about six months before he was adopted into just the right home.  We recently received this update from his mom:

"We are all doing great and enjoyed another Christmas Season!  The season was especially good with a 5, almost 3 and almost 1 year old!  You can imagine the excitement.  Eddie is doing wonderfully.  He has been such a great addition to our family.  We just love that little guy!  We have another grandbaby on the way due in April.  That will be the second baby since Eddie joined our family!  He seems to really love the babies!!  He also enjoys watching dogs doing tricks or running around on the computer or TV. (especially The Dog Whisperer). It's great to watch him.  I'm attaching some pics that hopefully you can view to see what Eddie looks like at this time!

We want to thank you again for taking such care of Eddie before we were able to adopt him!  You did a great job with him!"s

And here is a P.S.:

"I just cracked up when R. called me to show me how he was watching and listening to the computer where a dog was catching frisbees!  His eyes were glued to every movement and sound on the screen.  He has done that on the TV screen but never the computer screen.  He still does that thing where he won't look you in the eye but tilts his head off to the side and just sits there quietly.

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