Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Remember Ode?

She was the puppy from Red Lake who had been badly mistreated.  She was adopted over a year ago.  Today we received this update from her mom:

At  just under 2 years old, Ode (full name: Ode-Almondine-Bambi-Funny  Girl-Yawnee) possesses the energy, stamina and full rights of puppyhood.  When she isn't shaking down her works-from-home DogMa for walks, yard  play, her post-breakfast rawhide chew or any edible she can finagle, she's  chasing down the cat (more a partner in hijinx than victim nowadays),  snoozing on her cushy chair (directly behind DogMa's computer chair), or  screeching at her yard's front fenceline -- an antic intended to  attract canine passersby but rarely successful in that  mission.

    A dependable and spirited  copilot/sidekick, Ode's happy to join DogMa on car errands as well as  hikes to various nearby stops, where she abides being tied up for a short  while if it means a biscuit and loving greetings upon DogMa's return.
    Last summer, Ode proudly displayed her  beginning, but impressive, swimming chops in both Lake Calhoun (on Uncle  Dan's boat) and Twin Lakes (while visiting Auntie Char's northern  Minnesota cabin).

    Ode and DogMa had fun  meeting not one but two other Red Lake pooches at dogparks over the  holidays -- one, a cute little guy named Rupert who seemed to think Ode  was his mom. Ode's also kept busy this winter chasing around with her  buddy Gar(th), another fine alum of the Pet Haven system, on the shoveled  pathways in her yard. She looks forward to airport-dogpark outings with  fave beau Phoenix and occasional visits from her Wisconsin cousin Hubba.  (She misses her cousin Jasper and hopes he's enjoying his new Oregon  digs.)  Also high on Ode's to-do list are trips across town to visit  88-year-old Dori, whose very special (and hilarious) relationship with her  Granddogdaughter is a joy to behold.

    Among  Ode's resolutions for the new year are:
--> Calming down (read:  pulling less) on walks with DogMa
--> Resisting the urge to "jump  hello" when encountering friendly (known and unknown) persons
-->  Toning down the fenceline screeching in the name of civility and improved  neighbor relations
--> Always remembering that DogMa is  alpha
--> Continuing her advocacy of animal rights & protections  while on walks and eventually via some volunteer activities -- perhaps  with seniors or kids, both of whom the girl  LOVES!
    Ode and DogMa thank Pet Haven for  helping them find each other -- patient/supportive Celayne and especially Marilou, who seemed to know the two were a destined match before they did.


A movie of Ode was made shortly after she arrived into Pet Haven's foster program in the summer of 2008. You can view it on YouTube.

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mteacup said...

So excited about the mention of Ode meeting Rupert! He was my foster pup in October. Formely known as Regi! What a doll he is!