Monday, January 25, 2010

Adopted Dog Monday!

Trevor's new family is enjoying him.  His new mom was a cat and NOT a dog person (her words) but she was willing to give him a chance as her husband and son were so eager to add a dog to their household.  Now mom is a dog AND cat person.  She was surprised by how smoothly the transition to his new home has gone for Trevor.

As for Trevor, he is smiling a lot these days, going to the dog park, playing in the backyard and sleeping in bed with his parents.

Little Man has two brand-new dads and a canine sister, Mazey. Mazey is a German Shepherd/Greyhound cross.  Little Man is bigger than the typical Chihuahua and we liked to speculate on what he actually was.  Whatever his breed mix, it made him into an amazing small dog.  Little Man came to us from Camden Animal Hospital in Minneapolis, where he had a broken leg set.  Camden is an impound facility for Minneapolis Animal Control.  The staff contacted Pet Haven when no owner came forward to claim him.  It's hard to imagine anyone letting this cutie go without looking for him!

Despite the disparity in their sizes, Mazey and Little Man look like they could be twins!

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