Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Adopted Dog Update: Tori

Tori came into Pet Haven's foster program a couple years ago from one of our rescue partners, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue. We recently got an update from her family ... looks like Tori is one HAPPY and SPOILED dog!! :) and as Tori would say, "as it should be!!" :)

"We adopted Tori, formally Torrence Chow-Tung, about two years ago. She came from Red Lake with a heartbreaking story of being found in a dumpster with her starved puppies... my husband and daughter and I made it our mission to spoil her rotten and give her the happiest life she could ever imagine. Mission accomplished! She quickly erased any doubts my husband may have had about inviting another animal into our house, she has earned a grudging respect from our three very elderly and grumpy cats, and she has even befriended the rabbit! She has discovered that marrow bones are an incredibly tasty treat and that bubbles are fun to chase. There are benefits to having a dog that we could never have foreseen, too, such as introducing us to a whole dog-loving community at the dog park, and being almost a sibling to our only child... the gentleness Tori shows when playing with her is incredible, and there never was a more patient dog for putting up with jewelry, tea parties and doctor check-ups.

Thank you to Pet Haven for giving us the opportunity to adopt this dog!"

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Barb said...

As Tori's adopted Grandmother, I agree that she is a wonderful addition to her new home, with soulful eyes and a gentle heart.