Thursday, August 18, 2011

Jessie ... famous Pet Haven website dog hanging in there!

Jessie in March, 2011
If you take a look at the Pet Haven website ( you will see on the top banner a gorgeous chocolate lab. Her name is Jessie. She was adopted in 1997 by Nancy and Tom when she was just 1 year old. Nancy and Tom are heavily involved in the animal rescue/welfare efforts in Minnesota and give up so much of their hearts, resource and time to help abandoned, abused and neglected animals. They are involved with Pet Haven, Red Lake Rosie's Rescue, and helping the dogs and cats from the Beltrami Humane Society and rescuing dogs from Leech Lake Reservation. This morning I received an update from Nancy on sweet Jessie, aka Jess-a-roonie-be-bomp :)

She's hanging in there, but she's fading ... what we do know is that she was blessed in a million ways to have landed in the home of Nancy and Tom. Please keep Jess-a-roonie-be-bomp in your thoughts and prayers:

"Little Jessie is fading away.  I wish she looked as healthy now as she does in that recent photo of her in her winter jacket.  She promised me that she would make it to summer because this is her favorite time of the year, and now she is certainly stretching her time out.  But sadly she is skin and bones, and gave up on dog chow a couple months ago.  We offer her quite a menu to pick from each day and will feed her whatever she wishes:  pot pies, pork roast, beef roast au jus, baked chicken, venison formula of canned dog chow, rabbit formula of dog chow.....sometimes she gets what we call "doggie derves" (a spin off of the "hor d' oeuvre") where we dip high protein puppy biscuits into drippings for her.  But her most favorite snack is the 'nilla wafers.  Even with this menu she continues to lose weight....we suspect a cancer.  Her tail still wiggles altho plastered to her cute little rear end and she always greets us and the other dogs every morning.  She lets me gently rub her neck and ears, she still likes it when I grab her and give her a "raspberry!" on her neck.  She has doggie dementia so paces quite a bit, will only take the freshest and coldest of water in her dish, and always wants everyone to be in bed by 10:30.  She is a nut and we cannot tell you how grateful we have been all these years to have had her in our lives since her adoption from Pet Haven in 1997 at age 1.   There are tons of incredible moments we have shared and equally as many photos.  The day we say goodbye to her is something we cannot prepare for, but in the meantime we enjoy every second we can with her.  We are grateful to have found her at Pet Haven."

Thank you Nancy and Tom for all you have done for Jessie ... and for all you continue to do for animals in need.

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