Friday, August 12, 2011

Toby: The Loveable Lapdog!

Toby is a three and a half year old Pekingese/Papillon mix. He’s a handsome guy and he knows it! This guy may be a loveable little lapdog but he also doubles as guard dog. He enjoys cuddling with his person, going for walks, and carrying his favorite toy with him everywhere. He is on alert though and will keep watch over the house while you’re gone since he’s house trained and can be left on his own. Once you come home he will jump for joy and grab his toy to celebrate your arrival. He is a bit of a goofball and is good with traveling, kids, and other dogs once he’s gotten to know them. He also loves to run to burn off energy and at the end of the day would be happy to pass out on his dog bed. He is a loyal guy and loves people but doesn’t care much for felines.  

Toby needs a family that will keep set boundaries for him and not just spoil him rotten; as hard as that is! Otherwise, in typical lapdog fashion he will assume the role of pack leader in the house. He needs his forever family to be able to introduce him to other dogs and people slowly so he has time to warm up to them. He does have experience living with other dogs in his foster home that were around his size. Toby is also a whiz with the tricks and knows how to sit, stay, lie down, jump, and shake. He can sit and put his paws out looking like he’s begging too. How could you say no to that handsome face? Toby’s forever home will be lucky to have such a loyal new member.

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