Monday, August 15, 2011

Prince reunited with his brother

Prince (formerly Buster) as a puppy with his
brother Tuxedo (formerly Romeo)
In the summer of 2010 Pet Haven took in 3 springer/beagle puppies. They all went into foster homes and were adopted out. In July of 2011 Prince was returned to Pet Haven for some territorial guarding and barking. He is also shy and fearful around men and needs a family willing to work with him on some of his issues. He attended one of our adoption events and his photo was posted on our facebook fan page. The adopter of Prince's brother, Tuxedo noticed him on our facebook fan page and inquired about him .... well, suffice to say that this story has an incredibly happy ending .... maybe it was fate that Prince was to be returned to Pet Haven so that he could be reunited with his brother Tuxedo. Tuxedo and his dad go on runs together ... maybe Prince will become a runner too!

We got the following update from the home of the happy brothers, Prince and Tux!

"After my email last week things have been going very well with Prince. I think he's feeling more comfortable and safe around us. He's getting into more things around the house, so we watch him closely to let him know what's okay and what isn't. He's doing really well with learning the rules of the house.

We've been walking everyday, sometimes twice a day, and he is doing so much better on his walks. When we see another dog I bring him close, if he starts to get really anxious and out of control  I pull off to the side and make him sit while the other dog passes us, we haven't had any more near fights. When people walk past us he barely even flinches, I still bring him in nice and close to me just in case he gets nervous.

He is feeling a bit more comfortable with our neighbor kids who come over to play. I make him stay away when they first come in the house, if needed I'll put his gentle leader on to calm him down. A couple of times I just got it out and when he saw it he went and laid down on his blanket. Then I just have the kids go and play and when he's ready he'll go and sniff them and then go about his business.

Prince the cuddlier

He doesn't do as well with grownups, men mostly, coming in the house, he gets very scared and growls, so we always have his gentle leader on when an adult man comes over or will put him in his kennel. We'll be working on that.

We found out he very afraid of brooms and big sticks, so I have him leave the room I'm sweeping.

We went to our first training together last night and he did well in class, we've been practicing at home. He did both his anxious barking and growling at a couple of the other dogs as well as hiding behind me and being a bit fearful at times. The trainer saw everything before I even asked her about his fearfulness, after talking with her we will be going to the dog-to-dog aggression class this fall with him and possibly the dog-to-human one as well. She let me know she feels confident he can over come his condition, that made me feel good...she gave me some great ideas for helping in the mean time, we'll keep on working.

He's got such a great personality, him and Tux are very similar in the way they play and behave, but Prince is such a cuddlier and a little more reserved than Tux. We are having lots of fun with him. He has kind of learned how to play tug of war with Tux, he holds on to the other end of the rope toy and then lays on his belly while Tux pulls him across the floor, it's really funny and we all have to stop and watch no matter what we're doing."

Thanks to Melissa and family for welcoming Prince into your home and for working with this sweet boy. He couldn't have ended up in a better home than with you ... and what a bonus to be back with his brother after a year! Some things are just meant to be :)

And many thanks to Josh and Andrea for fostering Prince when he came back. If you or anyone you know would like to learn more about fostering with Pet Haven email us at

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